Our Mama's


All Star Peach

Color:  Cream Tuxedo

Hair Coat:  Soft Wavy Fleece

Weight:  26lbs

Projected Height:  16in


EIC/IC - Clear

OFA Prelim Hips:  Good

OFA Elbows:  Good

OFA Eyes:  Clear

WALA#  WALA00046339

Grading:  A5/certified

Peach was named appropriately because she is as sweet as they come.  From day one she

has been very confident, goofy, and friendly.  She greets every person and dog with full body wiggles!  She has a talent for matching the energy in different situations.  She is happy to rough house with the big dogs and is quick to settle down and be gentle with the little kids she meets.  Peach is also very smart and quick to catch onto things.  She loves to "work" for food.  Her coat is very soft and plush, making her the best cuddle partner.  Every person she meets instantly falls in love with her and wants to take her home.  We love our sweet Peach!

Wagging Tail Gidget


Color:  Red Carmel

Hair Coat:  Soft Wavy Fleece (non-shedding)

Weight: 28lbs 

Height: 17in.


EIC/IC - Clear

OFA prelim hips:  Fair

OFA Elbows: Good

OFA eyes:  Clear

WALA Registration WALA00046355

Grading A5/certified

Gidget is the sweetest most cuddly puppy.  She does anything to please and works hard with training.  She loves to dig through the laundry basket to find the dryer sheets and eating ice. She enjoys being kissed under her neck and will throw her head back for you to do it.  She will leap from the couch like a "flying squirrel" to play with anyone nearby. How we love this sweet girl! 


 Wagging Tail Olive

  Future Mama Hopeful (Spring 2022)

Color:  Chocolate/White

Hair Coat:  Soft Wavy Fleece

Weight: 20lbs

Height:  16in.


EIC/IC - Clear

OFA prelim hips:  Good

OFA elbows:  Good

OFA eyes:  test pending

ALCA# Pending...

WALA Registration  WALA00046340

Grading: A6/certified


Olive has a playful puppy personality.  She is very confident in any situation.  She will go to anyone as long as you are ready to play fetch.  She loves to pose for the camera if you have treats!  We look forward to watching her personality unfold.  She lives with her guardian family, the Carpenters.  They are just smitten with her.


All Star Haddie

  Future Mama Hopeful (Summer 2022)

Color: Apricot

Hair Coat:  Soft Wavy Fleece

Expected Weight: 25lbs

Expected Height:  16in.

DNA Profile: Clear by Parentage (test in progress)

OFA prelim hips:  test pending

OFA elbows:  test pending

OFA eyes:  test pending

ALCA# Pending...

WALA Registration WALA00062384