Our Mama's


Color:  Carmel (bbee)

Haircoat:  Soft wavy fleece (non-shedding)

Current Weight: 25bs

DNA Profile:  vWD/PRA/HNP/NES/EIC/IC - Clear

DM-carrier (nonaffected)

OFA hips:  Good

OFA elbows:  Negative for dysplasia L & R

OFA eyes: Distichiasis-clear to breed


Coconut is a constant entertainer.  She makes us laugh everyday! Her personality is passionate and colorful.  She is known for her snarl and snort. She usually does it when you tell her no to something.  It will make you smile every time. She loves to be hugged and given affectionate attention. She is very curious about everything and very brave.  She is always looking for an adventure and will do anything with you. She is always up for a car ride in hopes of hanging her head out the window. Her favorite daily ritual is jumping on our boys and licking their faces until they get out of bed.  She has a gorgeous soft thick coat and beautiful tuxedo markings. I have no doubt that her puppies will be gorgeous!


Color:  Red/White (Bbee)

Hair Coat:  Soft Wavy Fleece

Current Weight: 30lbs


EIC/IC - Clear

OFA prelim hips:  Good

OFA elbows:  Negative for dysplasia L & R

OFA eyes:  clear/normal


Cali is ever so sweet.  Her mannerisms are soft and gentle.  She loves to be snuggled first thing in the morning.  She is a true homebody. She prefers to sit on her favorite spot on the couch and watch a movie with you instead of walking and socializing downtown. Her nature is calm and subdued.  She will play and wrestle with the others in the morning but the rest of the day is spent hanging out around the house. She is very good at tricks. She will “hug” and “high five” for treats.  Her favorite is Lucky Charms. She licks her lips and shakes her head in anticipation of getting some. Her coat is soft loose curls that make petting her a treat! I have no doubt that she will be a great mother.

All Star "Peaches" and Cream

Future Mama Hopeful (Summer 2021)

Color:  Cream Parti

Hair Coat:  Soft Wavy Fleece

Projected Weight:  25lbs

Projected Height:  15in


EIC/IC - Clear

OFA Prelim Hips:  Pending...

OFA Elbows:  Pending...

OFA Eyes:  Pending...

ALCA#  Pending...

Grading:  A5/certified

Wagging Tail “Gidget”

Future Mama Hopeful (Winter 2022)


Color:  Red Carmel

Hair Coat:  Soft Wavy Fleece (non-shedding)

Expected Weight: 28lbs 

Expected Height: 17in.


EIC/IC - Clear

OFA prelim hips:  pending

OFA Elbows: pending

OFA eyes:  pending

ALCA Registration pending

Grading A5/certified

Gidget is the sweetest most cuddly puppy.  She does anything to please and works hard with training.  She loves to dig through the laundry basket to find the dryer sheets and eating ice. She enjoys being kissed under her neck and will throw her head back for you to do it.  She will leap from the couch like a "flying squirrel" to play with anyone nearby. How we love this sweet girl! 



We will let you know our litter status


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