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About Us

The Roberts: We are a family of 7 living on Amelia Island, FL. We enjoy the coastal life of sand, water, and sunshine. Our puppies are whelped and raised in Union County, FL.  We have always been a family of pets and our favorite was our Golden Retriever that we raised with our children. We loved the gentle, loving nature of our golden. He was very loved by our family and is still missed. In our quest to get another family pet, we learned of Australian Labradoodles.  We purchased our first one and fell in love with the breed. We couldn’t take our dog anywhere that we didn’t get asked where they could get one.  The idea was born to breed our own as a small family business we could all do together.


Amy: Amy is the one who pushed for this idea to grow so she could have a business that allowed her to work from home. She had taught school for many years but always wanted to be home and available for her family. She stayed home for a few years but as our oldest children left home there was a lot of empty time that needed to be filled. As a mother of 5 and a school teacher, her greatest talents lie in nurturing “littles”. With this new found love of Australian Labradoodles, what better job could there be than to breed and nurture litters of puppies.  A wonderful idea was born. With the help of other Australian Labradoodle Breeders, she has worked hard to learn how to be a breeder that uses only the best practices and techniques to ensure that your new pet has the best beginning.


We will only be breeding multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. For more information on this type of Labradoodle please visit


We are members of  World Wide Australian Labradoodles or WALA . This club ensures that breeders are upholding the highest of breeding standards.  

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